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The European Union is currently on track in terms of its indicative trajectory.
  • Of 28 Member States, 21 were on track regarding the RES trajectories defined in the NREAPs, and 7 underachieved. Regarding the interim targets defined in the RES Directive, 25 Member States have already met the 2013/2014 milestone. This is not surprising, given the relatively low ambition level of the interim targets in the early years. Trajectories will become steeper just before 2020.

  • In the RES-E sector, 15 Member States overachieved on their 2013 target, 13 underachieved. Growth in the RES-E share across the EU-28 in the last two years was sufficient to achieve the 2020 target, if it can be maintained.

  • In the RES-H&C sector, 22 Member States were above their 2013 targets. Six Member States underachieved. Growth in the RES-H&C share across the EU-28 was sufficiently high in the last three years to achieve the 2020 target, if it can be maintained.

  • The RES-T sector has seen less progress than the former two, with only 6 Member States on or above their NREAP 2013 target, and 22 below.