26 February 2013 
NAN meet their MEPs - REA event
Organized by: REA
Location: Brussels
Venue: European Parliament

The REA held a lunchtime meeting with members and MEPs in the European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday 26th February. This meeting was part of the European 'Keep on track!' project, which aims to check how EU member states are measuring up to their Renewable Energy Directive (RED) targets. 10 MEPs were represented, either in person or by their assistants. Gaynor Hartnell and Clare Wenner made presentations respectively on how the UK is doing under the RED and Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC).

There were a number of questions on the rewards to different technologies under Electricity Market Reform (EMR) and a fuller debate on the implications of the ILUC proposals and how these could be amended to enable the UK biofuels industry to preserve and promote investment, jobs and growth.

Download Gaynor and Clare's presentations via the links below:

The event was upon invitation only