27 June 2013 
2020 Renewable energy target: are we on track?
Organized by: EREC
Location: Brussels
Venue: Committee of the Regions - Jacques Delors Building

The aim of “2020 Renewable energy target: are we on track?” event during the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) was two-fold: on the one hand it presented the status of the EU vis-ą-vis the fulfilment of the 2020 target, and on the other addressed the question “Are renewables too expensive for the EU?”.


The event took place in the framework of the IEE co-funded project “Keep on Track!” which aims to monitor how EU Member States are progressing with the trajectory that was planned by the RES Directive. In line with the project scope, the first panel of the event therefore intended to show the status of the EU vis-ą-vis the fulfilment of the 2020 target. It did so by presenting the main findings of the “EU Tracking Roadmap 2013”, the first of a series of publications issued in the context of the project. The document provides a yearly analysis of both deviations of EU Member States from the indicative trajectory and main barriers to RES penetration in the EU. Moreover, it presents policy recommendations on how to get back on track to fulfiling the 2020 target.


Costs of renewables have been several times in the spotlight of the media in several Member States- as a follow up to the economic and financial crisis. The Renewable energy industry would like to look at renewable costs from different angles. Therefore, the second panel discussion of the event will be fed with the perspective of the industry, consumers and builders’ as well as the European Parliament on this crucial item.


You can find the agenda of the event in the pdf below.


You can also find the presentations of the speakers here