16 June 2015 
EUSEW Workshop
Organized by: EUFORES
Location: Brussels, Belguim
Venue: Mansholt room, Charlemagne Building, Rue de la Loi 170, 1000 Brussels

The objective of this workshop was to raise awareness and to develop a better comprehension among Members of European Parliament and EU28 national parliaments of the ongoing political process within the EU concerning renewable energy with a special focus on the energy union. The EU28 national parliaments will have a crucial role in the upcoming new governance system when it comes to the deployment of renewables. This is a very timely discussion, keeping in mind the creation of the Energy Union, which the European Commission has just given shape. Renewables have a strong role to play within this newly established Energy Union. However, it is important to further strengthen and advance the direction of renewables. The EU put in place the overall binding target of 20% renewables in the energy mix by 2020.

This important milestone is approaching rapidly and it must be established whether the Member States are on track for their 2020 target and how they can be motivated to catch up and go even further. The workshop integrated a scientific expert looking into the Member States’ trajectory. The achievement of this first milestone is very important for each following goal. Nonetheless, future targets must be set in order to establish a long term planning in each Member State regarding their energy mix. The workshop discussed some of the identified shortcomings and urgent political needs for action on the European and national level to achieve the 2020 and 2030 goals and to further establish future renewable energy targets.